Sendzimir Japan, LTD.

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Our global system provides precise, flexible and rapid response.

Our Sendzimir mills are famous for the precise rolling and mass production of high quality strip such as stainless steel, other special steels, copper and copper alloys, silicon steel, etc. Thus, we are contributing major support to the producers of high quality cold strip around the world.
In coalition with T. Sendzimir Inc., USA, Primetals Technologies Japan, Ltd. (Formerly Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.) and Sojitz’s group, we have built up a global production system to achieve high quality with low cost.
In addition, we have a production net work that integrates the work of manufacturers in many countries. SEJAL responds, quickly and flexibly, to those requirements from our customers.
SEJAL is also involved in real estate business, through the leasing units in our own building.

SEJAL's range of business and features of our products
Supplying rolling mills Real estate
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Our global network allows us to maintain both low cost and high quality in our products.